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What to do this week? Cycle 1 Week 17

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Hi CC Mommas,

I was thinking about you this morning and I wanted to give you some ideas for week 17 and any other week. In our house CC is our main curriculum, so what does that mean? I set apart 30 minutes every school day for Classical Conversations. Here is what that looks like.

Tuesday morning comes and I write the new grammar on my white board just like the tutor did in class on Monday. Not only is that helpful to your students but it helps you learn the material as well. Next we go through the board just like community day, which is why it is critical that you are following along for that 30 minutes. If you forgot a song, or hand motions chances are good you can find these on Pinterest searching under “Cycle 1 Week ___” or if you have CC Connected it is most definently there.

For the girls class I did “Father Abraham” song for the geography, and everything else was chanted, marched, or said in a weird voice. The latin song and history song is located on the CD or the app. The timeline hand motions can be found at the Classical Conversations website.

So that is Tuesday, and only 30 minutes.

On Wednesday within that 30 minutes we focus on two pieces of the memory work. History and Science. I have copy work pages for them to copy down the history sentence and science sentence. We read Story of The World that corresponds with the history and read different books regarding the science. I use the reading book list from Half a Hundred Acre Wood and I’m sure the library would be a great field trip each week to collect reading material for the new grammar.

Thursday is similar to Wednesday but we do the other smaller pieces of review and copy those. We might draw the thumbnails of the timeline, which my kids love doing. If time allows I will attempt the art project again as well.

Friday is game day and we review 6 weeks worth of grammar while playing a game. Rockets is an easy review game for a few kids or one to play, there is a lego game mat that works great at home, and any game board will work to draw a card you must answer a review question.

There you have our week in CC. I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed and as parents we forget to keep it simple because we are ready for our kids to ask engaging questions or want to know more, but that is not the stage most of our kids are in. Foundation kids are at the stage of singing, chanting, playing, and making a mess. Just give yourself 30 minutes each day this week and make CC just as important as math and language arts.

Have a great week parents!

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