Week 1 on my Plexus journey.


If you have not read my first post about Plexus you can read that here.

I am now done with week one of the Plexus Slim and here are the latest results.

Non scale victories.

  1. Many of you might not of known that I am pretty much in constant pain of some reason. From my back hurting, to my knee being swollen, and using ibuprofen just to get moving in the morning I was a wreck. I really felt like that was completely normal for me until Slim. One of the ingredients in the Slim (Pink drink) has an anti-inflammatory property and I have to say that worked on me almost within the first 48 hours. I have not taken ibuprofen for aches and pains in days. Days!!! People that is a big deal!
  2. Slim suggests that it will help manage my weight with a good diet and exercise. I have not put a toe nail on the scale but I can tell my clothes are fitting better which makes me so happy.
  3. Although I have not been paying attention the the scale I have realized that I am not as hungry and when I eat I seem to fill up faster, which is a great victory. Now if only I can will myself to throw out the Halloween candy I would see more results.
  4. I have been a part of many “teams” in my pursuit of health, but I am particularly blessed with someone who I can text with as many questions as I have. She has even given me a 21 day meal guide to help clean up my plate. If you are reading this Lisa, thank you.
  5. Now that my week of Slim only is over I have begun taking the ProBio 5 at night, and one Bio Cleanse in the morning between meals.

So far I am very happy with the non-scale victories I’ve had this week, and I look forward to what this new week will bring.

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  1. Lisa Van Horn says:

    Wow!! How awesome are these results in a short period of time!! I am so glad you are feeling better. Just think how you will feel a month from now or even 2-3 months from now!! I’m here for you every step of the way!! I got your back my friend!❤️

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