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Top 5 reasons my blog keeps changing…

Have you been to my site recently and wondered why does it look different, again!?


1: My college education was graphic design

Therefore I cannot simply write content in a space I can create differently. There are literally hundreds of ways to design a site and I truly like checking out what is new. If this makes you crazy when you come by, my suggestion is to look away.


2: I change my furniture this much too

It is a fact that I change the orientation of my furniture as much if not more then my blog. For some this is exciting as they are always surprised when they come over and for those living with me they just know to walk away.

We can totally be friends if this is you too.


3: I am not a writer.

I wish this was a different story as I own a blog, however after years and years of blogging I think I can officially say, I am not a writer. So what is a non-writer to do with a blog but change it every so often? I trust you can understand that.


4: Selling is for others

I want to give you surprise of content and enjoy coming to visit because you know there won’t be a bazillion adds everywhere. I have some products I absolutely love and would love you to try too but I will try not to add anything just because. I am as unique as my ever changing site and so are my adds.


5: Changing my design does not change me.

I am still a Classical Christian homeschooling mom of 2. My husband is still a fireman, which gives me a unique perspective for womanhood, and I desperately love Jesus. If any of the above resonate with you awesome, if not, that is ok too and we can connect another day.

Classical Homeschooler, Firewife, Food Lover, Wine Lover, Forgiven, Fitness Enthusiast and I love to sleep when I can.

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