My Plexus Slim journey.

Like so many people before me and around me I have tried everything to loose weight with very little success, but after completing the Whole30 last year I am confident I know how. It is true that there is NO magic pill, powder, or workout that will take the weight off. The secret is eating less then what you are expanding in energy. I know it’s not glamorous but its the honest truth. By eating healthy I mean eating less sugar, trans fats, and other processed junk that you could name in your sleep.


So you might be wondering why I am going to talk to you about Plexus Slim and the tri-plex system. For starters this is not a magic pill or drink, rather it’s a help. I am beginning this system because I want to improve my regularity in the you know where, sleep sounder, and maybe gain a bit more minutes of energy that I would regularly be stuffing my face with sugar to get. I do not believe this will be the amazing system that finally helps me drop 70lbs by next summer, but loosing 15lbs would be awesome!

On to day 1. I picked up my package yesterday from the Post Office and rushed home to open my first pink packet and feel anything different. At 3pm I drank 12oz of the Pink drink and sat down to finish homeschooling my kids. 3:30 rolled around and we finished our work and I had an idea to clean the kitchen, then I moved into my bedroom and cleaned in there complete with new sheets. At 6pm I did my regular tennis practice for an hour and then went grocery shopping all before dinner. Now I know it was one packet on day 1 but that is a lot of activity after an all day homeschooling day that lasted well past 3pm. Needless to say I was presently surprised.

Day 2. Today I wanted to take the Pink drink at a different time to see what would happen, so at 10am I took 12oz of drink and waited. Honestly I just did an hour workout, showered and was just tired from waking up at 5am, but I was going to give it my attention to see if anything changed. At noon we went for a walk and came home hungry and tired, so I ate. The afternoon schooling has drug on and on. It does make me wonder if I take the drink at 3pm tomorrow if I will have a better reaction to it when I am already in my afternoon slump. It really is to early to tell.

After a few more days of just taking the Pink Drink or Slim I will be adding the BioCleanse which is exactly what it sounds like. 🙂

Stay tuned for more from my Plexus Slim journey.


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