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Taking care of yourself as a homeschool mom.

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I know you are busy moving on caffeine and little sleep, but I am here to tell you to stop and take care of yourself. We as moms wear many different hats, and if we don’t remove them from time to time we can implode.

Taking care of myself has looked different within the stages of my kids growing up.

  • When they were babies getting a shower was a dream I made sure to have one every day without fail. I would put the baby in the bouncer or in their high chair, depending on their age, and take a shower.
  • As they grew older I needed movement to expel my anxiety. When the kids went down for a nap I worked out then showered in peace.
  • Now that we are regularly homeschooling from 9-3 I wake up before the house to spend time with Jesus and get my workout in.

There are other ways to care for yourself besides working out or showering. Spending time being filled up is critical after we spend all day everyday pouring out. I attend a women’s bible study one day a week where I can vent, laugh, cry, and grow in the knowledge of who I am in Christ. There is no where I would rather be then at bible study. I don’t schedule appointments or say yes to anything during that time because I need it for me.

Sometimes as mom, or women in general, we feel guilty for saying yes to “me.” But there is a house to clean, a nose to wipe, and another load of laundry to go through. Someone always needs our attention and if we give in there is no end or break after saying yes just this once.

Our kids will grow up and if we have done our job correctly they will leave our house in search of whatever God is calling them to. We will be done with homeschooling, huge laundry piles, and dinner needs every night. I for one want to send them off feeling like I didn’t sacrifice myself or forget what makes me, me. As important as it is to continue loving your spouse throughout the child-raising years so you remember each other when you are an empty nest,  you have to love yourself when it’s just you left.

Imagine going and going for all the years of homeschooling, and extra curricular volunteering jobs never taking the time to find a hobby or meet a new friend at bible study? I think you would be drained and tired maybe scared to let your kids go because what on earth will you do with your time. You don’t even know what you like.

Spend these days loving your family well and do it on a full tank. The days of homeschooling are long. The house is never as clean as it could be and there is always one more meal to prepare. Find what makes you a better mom and don’t let it get rescheduled or put on the back shelf for that is where it will remain.

If you needed someone to say it’s ok to spend time taking care of yourself then please let me tell you it is ok, and necessary.

Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.

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