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A Doozy of a Summers End.

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Where in the world have I been?

Well, it has been a doozy of a summers end.

This past August I was playing around, tennis, dancing and the like when my right knee started giving me trouble. I had, had some trouble with it in the past so I did what I always did to fix the situation. I taped my knee and continued on. Well one fine day my knee said NO in a big way and I hobbled myself to prompt care.

Two months later, two x-rays, one MRI, and over a month of R.I.C.E therapy I am finally going to a pre op appointment tomorrow. It seems I have ripped a piece of cartilage from my knee and it’s swimming around in there causing trouble.

I have been mostly resting and keeping my leg elevated because it’s the only place the pain lessons. My kids are getting homeschooled from the couch, which they do not seem to mind, and I have had more then enough time to stay current in the Bible Reading challenge I’ve been participating in. However I have not been blogging.

My son is in the Challenge B program through Classical Conversations, which I Direct, and has occupied my every last moment of “free time.” My days have been spent watching hours of webinars, trainings, and reading as much as possible to feel comfortable asking the students the right questions. Never having had a classical education I feel like I spend most of my time making up for lost time.

On one of these days past my husband decided to slide into second base while playing baseball with the high school youth group and broke his arm. I only wish I was joking! Luckily after sitting in a cast for a week his doctor took it off and gave him some home rehab to do for a month. So here we are, three legs and three arms between us, but I am so thankful he is here to help me take care of things. He truly has been so great! He has been the car pool dad for our evening activities, the grocery getter, and principle.

I have been so blessed this month with food, care, and prayers. My family has picked up the pieces where I cannot and I can say with absolute certainty that it is “well with my soul.” I may never fully realize why the doctor visits have lasted over a month and I’ve been sitting here unable to be fully me, but I know God has filled me every morning with His Word, and I completely trust His soverignty in all my affairs. One day soon this time will be just a memory and I’ll be back to doing more.

What I’d like to be doing more of is blogging. I want to be here more often making content for the classical home educator, for the Christian Women at home finding herself content, and sharing with you what I am learning. If you have made it here in the blog post I hope you can leave me a comment and let me know your are in fact here and maybe what you would like to read more of.

Thank you for being here!


Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.


  • Jamie Nae

    You are strong and able. God has blessed you and I’m so proud of the person you are. You will get through this stronger and MORE able. I love you, my sister.

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