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Stacking the deck.

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According to the dictionary of slang, to Stack the Deck means:

to manipulate events, information, etc., especially unethically, in order to achieve an advantage or desired result.

Let’s talk: How as homeschoolers are we “stacking the deck” for our children?

To manipulate events:

As a homeschooler, I am manipulating the events of my children. I am choosing who they will socialize with and for how long. Part of homeschooling is choosing the curriculum they will be using. I follow the guide for California’s education but I choose Latin as my foreign language.

I want nothing more than my children to know Jesus. To come to their own faith. See the world through the lens of the Bible, and be ready in season and out to give an answer. Everything I do focuses on that desire. Curriculum choices, friends, extracurricular activities all have to answer to whether it builds virtue and points to Jesus.

Yes, I’d say I am manipulating events from the standards of the world.


I believe this goes with some of what I’ve already said.

A biblical worldview is huge for my husband and I. When it comes to gender, we seek out God’s truth. What does God’s word say about persevering through hard times? And for our kids, hard is school work, or not wanting to be loyal to your commitment. What kind of information is coming at them and what does God’s word have to say about it?

Yes, we are relying on God, not the standards of the world to give us information.

Especially unethically:

It has always been amazing to me that as soon as someone finds out you homeschool, they become an expert on schooling. I truly believe there are Christians in my life who believe I am wrong. That what I am doing is against our mission as Christians, and maybe it feels unethical to them.

I believe that in no way can I send my children into a world that’s Prince seeks to kill them without the proper armor. Children are not prepared to battle with the enemy’s schemes because they are not ready. Not ready to justify their parent’s faith, or why a boy is a boy, or the world did not start with a bang. What will happen if I sent my kids into that arena? They would fold, and I would be an idiot to think they even had a choice.

In order to achieve an advantage:

Oh yes, my friends, I want my kids to achieve an advantage. To sleep for as long as their bodies need to. Eat as little or as much as I can afford. Have friends of all ages and shapes. Use their imaginations to create and not worry what anyone else is doing.

To get ahead in all the subjects by using our time efficiently. Outsourcing when the subject is harder then I can teach. Having them read classical literature for its characters and themes that stand the test of time.

Assessing them for how they have learned not just the what. Allowing them time to struggle and overcome. Being able to walk this road with them at every turn. Cheering them all the way, and not accepting failure as their only option.

A desired result:

I know homeschooling will not save my kids. Maybe you need to hear that one louder

Homeschooling will not save your kids! Only Jesus can do that!

But I see the desired result and I am working diligently to make that path look easier and more appealing than the others. I am writing the truth on our doorposts and speaking of it when we rise and lay down. God asks that we keep telling His story to our children for generations to come. Who am I to do anything less?

As a former public school kid I came out all right, but what if the “deck was stacked” in my favor?

Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.

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