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School is out!

I have been homeschooling for 6 years now and I have finally decided to take a summer off. No math in the morning, no summer worksheets, none of it. I am giving myself and my kids rest.

In place of school work there will be plenty of opportunities to be creative, and even board. The electronics will be put away and we will enjoy the time to discover and play.



You might be shocked to know that we have not finished our math book or our Mystery Of History curriculum or even our Botonay book and normally I would have made us crazy trying to finish it all. Then I had to ask myself “who am I working for and what timeline am I on?” We are a classical homeschooling family and if I wanted my kids in a traditional 36 week 8-3pm school schedule I would send them to public school or enroll them online. But we have chosen a different path. We are here for the long haul not just for this one year, so we need to finish or else. No, we can take a much needed break and pick up where we left off. Rested and refreshed for another intense school year.

There are plenty of homeschoolers who don’t agree with this approach and think everyday should be a school day. I agree that everyday is a learning day but we don’t have to make everything a lesson. Our kids need time when they are not “on” just as much as we, moms, need to not teach.


School is out for the summer! Here’s to Practicum, VBS, swim time, camping, backpacking, and days of being board.

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  • Mammo

    A wonderful sentiment. They will learn, because they are always curious and ask great questions! But they won’t have to be tested It makes it all so much more fun!

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