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    Six ways to add fitness to your day.

    I know what your going to say, “I don’t have time to workout!” “where do I start?” “I don’t like getting sweaty!” I completely get all of these excuses, but here are a five six ways to get moving more and doing something healthy for yourself and your family.

    1. Be accountable to someone. Last fall I bought a Fitbit so I could play along in the challenges my friends were doing. Every week my friends and I participate in a “work week hustle” on the Fitbit app which keeps me accountable to a whole group of people who can see how much or how little I’m moving. Now you don’t have to go out and buy anything, you could join an online group that is just for accountability, or you can start one yourself. Being accountable to someone other then yourself or your husband can be very motivating.
    2. There is no right time to workout. There are seasons in a moms life and those seasons dictate free time. I have tried every time and came to the conclusions that I hate morning workouts, and after lunch is to late in the day, therefore I had to come up with a system to fit in my workout and homeschooling. The best time of day for me is between 8-9am so I schedule my kids some independent work during that time and some days they do it without complaining and some days they are cleaning their rooms quietly until I’m done. Does this happen every day? No, but I try to get 3000 steps in doing one workout.
    3. Get your kids involved. Some days I can’t get a workout done alone so we lace up our shoes and head outside for a walk. Now the dog loves this and occasionally I get complainants from the kids but rarely so it is a win for me and my steps.
    4. Free classes. Who doesn’t like free? I have found some great classes on YouTube for free. BeFit is a channel that hosts all ranges of videos from Jillian Michales shred to ballet classes. When I need a kick start I’ll go there and just do something that looks fun.
    5. Just do it! Nike definitely has the corner on that truth, but it needs to be said more often. Just get moving. Moving more develops stronger bodies and stronger bodies are more confident. Bathing suit season is approaching and your kids need you to be in the water with them playing, and the fastest way to feeling better in a bathing suit is becoming a stronger person.
    6. Find something you love doing and do it! Even if your old, tired, etc…do that one activity you have been wanting to try or retry. For me this has been dancing. I have never taken an official dance class with pink tights and a black liatard because it was never an option. Thanks to social media and the ability to stream workouts I can dance without pink tights (because no one needs to see that) like no one is watching. I am addicted to Dancebody, which is a dance class online or if you live in New York they are there in person. Try them out for 3 days free (code is on their site), you will be so thankful you did.

    Now that you have Five Six ways to fit fitness into your life I hope that this weekend while your planning you will plan sometime to move more. And if you have tried and failed then try again. Change the time, change the workout, change who you are with, and get accountable to someone. Look forward to the process and less about the destination. Its in the process that we grow.

    Leave me a comment and tell me what you’ll do this next week to move more.

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    Cleaning up my diet.

    Its been 13 years plus 9 months that I have been overweight and struggling.

    Over the years I have tried, Beachbody, Shakeology, Weight Watchers, Keto, Whole30, starving, and lately its been the “grace” diet. Oh you have never heard of the “grace” diet? I am sure you have. You know as New Testament Christians, we know a thing or two about Grace, and wether we admit it or not we like to use it as an excuse for not giving ourselves boundaries. Paul did say everything is permissible within reason (I don’t know the address off hand).

    Therefore I have been living without boundaries. Completely free to eat and drink what I like when I want it, which as you can imagine has its side affects. Some of the most notable side affects have been a slow increase every year on my scale, tired, joint pain, uncomfortableness in my clothes, workouts are less effective, and an overall yuck feeling.

    Hey! I thought by eating what I want and throwing out the towel to boundaries was somehow going to make me forget I have a health problem and instead I found myself skipping through the tall grass of denial.

    I don’t want another plan or quick fix. What I want is live my best life eating what makes me the most productive I can be. I know from experience that clean eating is the best way to describe what my body wants. Whole foods, healthy fats, lean meat and a lot of water.

    Today I started with a smoothie made with Green super food, 2 raw (fresh from my moms house) eggs, half a banana, 6oz pineapple juice and blend. It was delicious! But the truth of the matter is breakfast has never been an issue for me. I can’t say the extra weight has come from my morning meal. My challenge will be snacking and dinner. With DINNER in capital letters. I love munching on refined carbs, chasing it with a beautiful red wine, and then eating all of dinner.

    Heres to today and beginning to construct some very necessary boundaries that will keep my diet from going off the rails.


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    Top 5 reasons my blog keeps changing…

    Have you been to my site recently and wondered why does it look different, again!?


    1: My college education was graphic design

    Therefore I cannot simply write content in a space I can create differently. There are literally hundreds of ways to design a site and I truly like checking out what is new. If this makes you crazy when you come by, my suggestion is to look away.


    2: I change my furniture this much too

    It is a fact that I change the orientation of my furniture as much if not more then my blog. For some this is exciting as they are always surprised when they come over and for those living with me they just know to walk away.

    We can totally be friends if this is you too.


    3: I am not a writer.

    I wish this was a different story as I own a blog, however after years and years of blogging I think I can officially say, I am not a writer. So what is a non-writer to do with a blog but change it every so often? I trust you can understand that.


    4: Selling is for others

    I want to give you surprise of content and enjoy coming to visit because you know there won’t be a bazillion adds everywhere. I have some products I absolutely love and would love you to try too but I will try not to add anything just because. I am as unique as my ever changing site and so are my adds.


    5: Changing my design does not change me.

    I am still a Classical Christian homeschooling mom of 2. My husband is still a fireman, which gives me a unique perspective for womanhood, and I desperately love Jesus. If any of the above resonate with you awesome, if not, that is ok too and we can connect another day.

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    Care to join me?

    I am hosting an Information Meeting for

    Classical Conversations

    May 1, 2018 from 7-9pm in Murphys, CA. 

    What is an information meeting you are asking? An I.M. (for short) is where someone from a CC community, a proud parent, a Director, a seasoned tutor, gets together with parents who would like to know more about our program in an environment that is free of commitment. The attendee can peruse a catalog, hold the curriculum, get some of their burning questions answered all without having to agree to anything.

    Those of us in Classical Conversations are passionate about the curriculum and we love sharing with anyone who wants to know more. We want our communities to grow so our children continue having a community to attend. CC is not a typical co-op, as we have trained tutors to lead the community day, but we relish relationships and surrounding ourselves with like-minded families.

    Are you a homeschooling mom or dad who is tired of doing this thing alone? Do you want others along side you to bounce ideas off of? Do you find it hard to stay accountable alone? Do your kids need friends who “get” them? If you have answered yes to any one of these questions then maybe its time to check out Classical Conversations and see what our community looks like.

    Comment below or register by clicking this link Murphys, CA 

    I look forward to meeting you!

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    Going Rouge!

    It is our first official year as private homeschoolers!

    For the past six years of homeschooling we have belonged to a fantastic Charter School, but this year we decided to separate from the state, create our own name, and figure out how to finance all the school supplies.

    I finally got to a point in our education that I wanted every single thing we did to count. Ultimately I wanted my name, and our house to count too. I am the teacher for my kids, and other then God Himself I didn’t want anyone else to get that title, nor did I want our school name to be associated with any other place but the one where we live.

    The charter school was God’s grace for a time and I am beyond thankful for their financial aid and much more. But when the Holy Spirit starts to talk to you, you have two choices, respond or hide. I hid and complained about leaving the security of a charter school, and God was so patient with me. Allowing me to ask a bazillion questions, and in His mercy there were answers. He gave both Fireman and I peace about the finances and so far everything we’ve needed has been provided, even extra curricular activities. I don’t believe this is a decision everyone who homeschools has to make, but I know I did, and I am completely at peace with our new journey.

    R.E.B.E.L is obviously an acronym but for what specifically, we do not know. There is a rebellious side to me that loves the name and likes that it means nothing for now. Classical Academy because we do classical education here. I pray often that our studies will be in the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. I do not teach to a test but rather teach skills that can be used across curriculum to gain a better understanding of what is being asked and always seeing everything through the lens of Gods word.

    Our curriculum for this year is;

    My oldest is in the Challenge A program with Classical Conversations.
    He is studying:
    Rhetoric/It Just Couldn’t Happen,
    Exposition and Composition/Lost Tools as well as reading Novels, and
    Research/making a Biology notebook

    My youngest is in the Foundations program Cycle 3, and her first tour of Essentials of the English Language and I.E.W. for writing. She does Saxon math as well.

    It is a big year! Oh, did I forget to mention I am tutoring/Directing Challenge A? (gulp!)

    I never wanted to be a homeschooler but 7 years into it and I honestly could not have imagined a greater adventure to be on. Thank you Lord!

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