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Overcoming the Mid Semester Slump.

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In our homeschool we have reached the half way point of first semester which means we are half way up this side of the mountain. Normally during this season I get tired. The night comes sooner, chilly weather sets in, and all I want to do is sleep under my warm blankets. This year I would like to have something to look forward to that wakes me up and keeps me engaged in the rigor of homeschooling.

I have been blessed to be a part of a women’s bible study that meets every Thursday afternoon to study Gods word and pray for each other. Right now we have accepted the challenge to read through the bible. At first this idea felt daunting and can I just say, boring. I know, as a Christian I should want more then anything to be in the word of God, but I had been spending more time learning from other Christian women (which is still good) that I became used to being spoon fed. The reality of reading and trusting the Lord to teach me made me nervous, however the most wonderful thing has happened. I wake up thrilled to read my bible. I love seeing Jesus in the old testament and meeting God in a way I thought was saved for those “religious types.” Our last book we finished was Leviticus and while reading a traditional “boring” book I was captivated and overwhelmed at what Jesus has done for us, becoming Emanuel, God with us. I am more then encouraged that God is going to make getting up and starting my day a lot easier.

Traditionally I save my extra learning for the summer months because there just never seems to be space during the school season, but I want to tackle something new to keep my mind sharp. I had talked about the book Norms and Nobility on a post I wrote earlier and how I would love to read that book. Beginning in November I will tackle this book and if you are interested in joining me, send me a message or leave a comment and I can put a group together. Being accountable to others will absolutely help the mid semester slump.

My daughter turns 11 this coming week and for her birthday I bought her 3 baking books for all things sweet. She has a dream of being a professional baker when she grows up and I have secretly dreaded teaching her. From the mess to the cost of supplies and the sweets left over the whole idea has given me anxiety, but I can no longer keep her from determining what she loves and does not. This season I hope to spend time with her in the kitchen, learning how to read recipes, and create delicious treats that the neighbors will love.

I know these examples are mostly for my benefit but I truly believe that if I spend time to be filled up by Gods word, and stay accountable to these other goals my attitude will bless my family. They need me to be their cheerleader with the work gets harder, and they need to be shown how to keep moving forward.

How do you keep yourself motivated during the fall and winter season? I’d love to read some new ideas so please leave me a comment.


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