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5 Money Saving Hacks this fall.

5 hacks to keep you fed and warm while homeschooling your kids.

  1. Keep a stocked pantry from sale items.

    • A pantry is incredibly useful during the lean times. There are so many creative ways to use rice, flour, sugar, spices, canned beans, oatmeal, stock, and more. By keeping a pantry stocked you can always feed your family without relying on expensive junk food.
  2. Remind your kids to turn off their electricity when they are not using it, and open curtains during the day for natural light.

    • I know it seems odd to think about electricity on a list like this one, however when you are home all day everyday the PG&E bill can be outrageous.
  3. Do not raise the thermostat beyond 65.

    • Again, being home all the time means the heating bill too can run out of control.
    • Buy wool socks.
    • You homeschool so layer up without the worry of looking ridiculous to anyone else.
  4. Eat real food.

    • Because you have the blessing of being home, make cooking all your meals a priority.
    • Use a subscription service like Emeals to help make shopping lists with the specific store you like to shop at. They have a meal plan called 30 minute Budget Meals that even gives a total of what it should cost you for the week.
    • Eat leftovers
    • Prepackaged or convenience food is helpful for the rare occasion, but when it becomes the norm it can be very expensive.
  5. The homeschool community is a fantastic resource for all things.

    • Used curriculum can be passed down
    • Clothes can be bought and sold
    • Services can be bartered. and so much more.

I hope these ideas provide some new insight into saving more money this week, this month, and into the new year. I’ll post more as the holidays approach and birthdays are celebrated.

How do you save money during this season?

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  • Martha

    Great tips! I’m all for saving money especially when grocery shopping. I stock up on sale items and also our local BiLo has extra coupons on their meats, usually on Wednesday and Friday. I got 3 packages of stew beef today, each extra coupons on them for a total of $7.00 off. Another tip is to turn the water off when not using it, don’t just let it run. That’s money going down the drain .

  • Minette Riordan

    Great tips! I especially love the reminder to eat real food. Even though my kids went to public schools, they took their lunch every single day. It’s so important to our health and well being to eat well. Also love the idea of tapping into your community for resources.

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