Monday Mussings

The alarm rang and my Fitbit vibrated me awake for another Monday. It’s not easy waking up even with the time change but I manage it and find my way to the coffee pot. Last Christmas I was blessed to receive a Kureig and nothing’s easier then pressing a pod of Peet’s Holiday blend into the machine and waiting a few minutes for fresh coffee. With my coffee in hand I sit and spend the early morning with Jesus. This is my routine every day and I choose to believe that because I’ve spent the morning this way I’ll have an easier day.


Mondays are our community day with Classical Conversations, and as the Director I get there early to open the doors turn the lights on and make the parking lot a safe place to play. I’ve been doing this for a few years now. I don’t tire of this routine because I love community day. I never started homeschooling with the intention of being on my own so having a group of likeminded families to walk with has been life giving. There are so many chances to walk away from it all. I’m a homeschooler after all! Wouldn’t it be easier to stay at home without anyone holding me accountable instead of belonging to a group of people who are going to continually ask how it’s going? The church needs community to share Gods glory to the world. We can’t sit at home and keep our talents and gifts to ourselves. Our communities work when people show up and give of themselves and I for one have been blessed beyond measure because I’ve shown up. My kids have been blessed because we get to be around other families going in the same direction every Monday.

Lord you may have this Monday and please become greater in me that those I come in contact with will know I am yours. Thank you for my community Lord may you bless it and make your face to shine upon it and be gracious unto it. Thank you for the opportunity to grow in knowledge, working out my understanding with others and giving back. Thank you!

Whatever you are doing this day, have a great Monday!


Classical Homeschooler, Firewife, Food Lover, Wine Lover, Forgiven, Fitness Enthusiast and I love to sleep when I can.

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