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It’s not you. Homeschooling is this hard.

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No! It is not you.

Homeschooling is this hard, and I am not going to sugar coat it. I am going to give you what I think will keep your resolve strong.

All day long we could scroll through Instagram and see what appears to be a happy homeschooling moment. The kids are at the table reading, the tea is being poured and homemade scones are plated. Everyone looks happy, smart, clean, and obedient.

Nothing like what our view beyond that screen looks like.

These images leave us feeling inadequate and ready to quit.

Why can’t our kids behave like that? We can’t even see our table, and our kids, they are in timeout again. Will we get any work done today?

Here is the secret no one tells us.

The secret no one wants to put out there for the world to see. Is that a moment after that snap, chaos filled the room. I don’t want that to drink! I hate scones! Do we really have to read! Reading stinks!

See, no one questions happy faces around the table eating scones. We get to take a snapshot of a moment, and to the rest of the world, we are doing great.

As if being happy is enough. Enough to keep doing the next hard thing. I believe we need more than happy days or snaps with our kids, we need a mission statement. A resolution.

We need to sit down with our husbands and write down the reasons we have chosen to homeschool. Narrow it down into a mission statement that hangs on our wall because there will be a day when you and I believe we can’t do this anymore. We need more than a happy picture with our kids. We need a resolution.

Our family Mission Statement looks like this.

In the Verkerk home, we will Love the Lord with all our heart, and we will honor Him with our love towards each other. Striveing to be the best version of ourselves, and teach our children to do the same. We will not stop teaching our kids to see the world through Gods holy word. And we will seek first the Kingdom of God and trust His grace is sufficient for all that is before us. It is by His mercy that we are able, not by our strength.

These are the truths of who we are. Not the bad day or the good day. We make a resolution to keep ourselves accountable to each other and what we are trying to do. Homeschooling is crazy hard and the temptation to give up is every present. Having a way out of that temptation is a promise from Jesus himself.

I encourage you to think about how you would form your mission statement. Make a few rough drafts and pray over them. Have your kids read it as well and perhaps sign a copy.

I am not afraid to show you our bad days, so head on over to Instagram and I’ll make you laugh at least. Blessings to you, my friend. You are not alone.



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