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Homeschooling, the Myth vs the Reality

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So you are looking into homeschooling and you have heard some unusual myths regarding homeschoolers. I’m here to put the reality into those myths.


How will your children ever be socialized?

Socialization defined by Google: noun
  • the activity of mixing socially with others. “socialization with students has helped her communication skills”
  • the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. “preschool starts the process of socialization”

You don’t need to homeschool in order to know this is the number one question everyone asks or will ask. Everyone will believe they only understand socialization by this definition. Even the definition speaks of public education being the rule.


The short answer is to start with the definition of socialization so we can all be on the same page. “The activity of mixing socially with others.” Well unless you live in a cave and perhaps your mail and food are delivered by carrier pigeons then you might not get to mix socially with others.

Siblings, your husband or wife, the grocery store clerk, the mailman, grandparents, and Sunday school teachers will have to interact with your child at some point in their week. With this communication, your child will learn how to mix socially with a vast array of ages and maturity levels. Thus they will have to change their responses to fit their audience, which gives them an advantage in society.


I didn’t finish college, therefore I will never be able to teach my kids!

The complaint is that you don’t have a degree or a piece of paper telling you, you are qualified to teach your children.


Who do we let speak to us like that? As parents, we take offense to anyone trying to tell us whether we should breastfeed or bottle feed. To swaddle or not to swaddle. Sleep in your bed or on their own. Why do we turn or head down and melt at the thought of being qualified to teach our child? Did you not bring him/her into this world? You, yes you the parent who loves their child more than themselves, you are capable of teaching them. And when you can’t figure something out you are wise and capable of finding a tutor or calling in reinforcements for your own education. You are not dumb, or ungifted.

You don’t have to know everything they will ever learn! You can teach them the tools of learning and they will do most of the work on their own. How amazing is that? See Classical Education.

I have written a post about the home educator educating themselves. You can access that here if you are interested in getting more knowledge yourself.


All homeschooling kids are unkept and they appear wild.

Perhaps you have an idea that jammies are the school uniform and that freaks you out. Or you have seen homeschoolers at an event that required a line and they just couldn’t form one. Should we not all know how to stand in line?


If you are the sort of parent that allows jammies all day then you will find yourself excelling in that environment. However, you don’t have to look like you crawled out of bed all day. It is perfectly acceptable to require good hygiene and fresh clothes before the start of the day. This is your house, your children and you will find what works for all of you. Believe me when I say there is no law on this subject.

Now wild is a bit harder to justify because kids are kids. Lines were made to be colored over, bent and crawled across. Yet everyone has to learn how to stand in line whether you end up at Disneyland or at the grocery store, so they will learn when the time is to be in a firm line or a bent one. Homeschool children learn to tell the difference between the two and that is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for sticking with me reading this post. I pray you know just how qualified you are!

Homeschooling has come a long way  8 years and I would argue there are many more myths that need to be addressed but for this post, I will stop here.


Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.

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