My favorite homeschool supplies.

by Rebecca
My favorite homeschool supplies.

Homeschool supplies

I don’t know a homeschooler that doesn’t LOVE an office supply store. The vast array of pens in all shapes and sizes. Paper for every occasion. Sticky notes and sticky pads. The supplies are endless but really there are a few must-have items. I’m giving you the supplies that I keep stocked.

For the specialty items I’ll put a link to the one I love, but all other homeschool supplies I’m sure you can find on Amazon.

Writing Homeschool Supplies:

Pencils and a pencil sharpener. I have an electric one and the old school crank sharpener that will never die.

Pens. Pens in all styles and colors. I like gel pens but at the end of the day blue and black work fine. Oddly enough my kids like when I use a red pen to correct their work, so I have a few of those as well.

Paper. A lot of paper. As the kids progressed in their writing I switched paper lines from super thick to standard. We have the loose lined paper to fill binders and legal pads for quick thoughts and notes.

Clipboards are more useful than I originally thought. They are good for couch work. Car trips. Doctor appointments. Having a few in your supply cabinet will be helpful.

Math Homeschool Supplies:

A good quality compass is a must. I have one left over from my graphic art days, which cost more then I might pay now but we use it.

Portable whiteboards. Instead of using scratch paper my kids use personal sized whiteboards to do their work.  It saves trees and money. It is a definite homeschool supply.

Expo markers. Where ever you have a whiteboard you must have more than enough expo markers laying around. Fat ones, skinny ones, and fine tipped ones for all that work.

Put aside small savings account for that new math curriculum next year while your thinking about it. This is by far one of my biggest expenses. Saxon math packages are usually around a hundred dollars.

My kids are older then manipulatives…..thank you, Lord!! I really didn’t like manipulatives.

Science Homeschool Supplies:

Super fast internet for all the videos you will be watching and researching.

We do most of our science on our community day, so home projects don’t necessarily happen.

Colored pencils and a good journal for any note-booking activities they might do.

General Homeschool Supplies:

I use my laminator regularly for vocab cards to game boards. I LOVE my laminator.

Paper clips.

Hole punch. Single and 3 hole punch is a lot of help.


Big rings to hold flash cards.

Binders, folders, and file boxes.

I almost forgot a printer and ink. What would I do without my printer?

I hope you find this list helpful and you can compare it with the one you already have.

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