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  • Mommyof3

    Homeschooling is more popular than ever, now that public education has taken such a hit. Music, art, P.E., etc., are being cut from the curriculum and the focus is shifted on achieving higher test scores.
    Standards that were once for 1st grade are now for Kindergarten. More and more is being shoved down the pipeline. There are even standards for preschool!
    As a public educator, I was once all for placing my children in school. However, seeing the changes (class sizes increasing, lack of electives, faster paced curriculum) and watching my students struggle to keep up with the pace, has made me wonder if homeschooling is actually the way to go…

  • Nana

    I moved my son away from the big city schools because I soon realized that public schools teach down to the slowest learner and my son was getting bored. I found the foothill schools less likely to do this but with budget issues, believe public school educations will suffer with larger ratios between teachers and students. I admire you for trying this and look forward to progress reports. I believe you will be able to prove your success when your children are able to pass the standardized tests required by the State.
    Good luck and please keep us posted.

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