Welcome! I am so honored you have come by.

by Rebecca
Welcome! I am so honored you have come by.


Family Life

Rebecca Verkerk

My name is Rebecca Verkerk, which is the name I use on Instagram and Pinterest, if you are looking for me. I am a Fire-Wife of 15 years. 2 kids (one teenager and one tween). We have homeschooled from the very beginning, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

This blog is for Classical Christian Homeschooling Moms or anyone who is looking into homeschooling. I have 8 grades behind me in a classical Christian program. Of which I have been blessed to be a Key-Note speaker for their summer Practicums for the past 6 years.


The Classical approach has given me such freedom to raise my kids how I believe God created them to grow.

A guide to understanding the Classical Tradition
5th Grade Classical Curriculum


While we are homeschooling, I do keep a traditional home. I cook all of our meals, do laundry, keep the floor vacuumed and windows clean. I like to share what I am cooking and baking when it seems relevant. The kids are being slowly introduced to Traditional Cooking and will help on occasion.

Healthy Meal Planning
Treat common colds

California living

As of now, God has blessed my husband with a Fire career that allows me to stay home. However, living in California is getting harder and harder each passing year.

Affiliate Links and Sponsors

In order to remain honest about the links here, I do want you to know I am an affiliate for 90% of all advertising. I use a few marketing groups that I will link here.

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