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Going Rouge!

It is our first official year as private homeschoolers!

For the past six years of homeschooling we have belonged to a fantastic Charter School, but this year we decided to separate from the state, create our own name, and figure out how to finance all the school supplies.

I finally got to a point in our education that I wanted every single thing we did to count. Ultimately I wanted my name, and our house to count too. I am the teacher for my kids, and other then God Himself I didn’t want anyone else to get that title, nor did I want our school name to be associated with any other place but the one where we live.

The charter school was God’s grace for a time and I am beyond thankful for their financial aid and much more. But when the Holy Spirit starts to talk to you, you have two choices, respond or hide. I hid and complained about leaving the security of a charter school, and God was so patient with me. Allowing me to ask a bazillion questions, and in His mercy there were answers. He gave both Fireman and I peace about the finances and so far everything we’ve needed has been provided, even extra curricular activities. I don’t believe this is a decision everyone who homeschools has to make, but I know I did, and I am completely at peace with our new journey.

R.E.B.E.L is obviously an acronym but for what specifically, we do not know. There is a rebellious side to me that loves the name and likes that it means nothing for now. Classical Academy because we do classical education here. I pray often that our studies will be in the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. I do not teach to a test but rather teach skills that can be used across curriculum to gain a better understanding of what is being asked and always seeing everything through the lens of Gods word.

Our curriculum for this year is;

My oldest is in the Challenge A program with Classical Conversations.
He is studying:
Rhetoric/It Just Couldn’t Happen,
Exposition and Composition/Lost Tools as well as reading Novels, and
Research/making a Biology notebook

My youngest is in the Foundations program Cycle 3, and her first tour of Essentials of the English Language and I.E.W. for writing. She does Saxon math as well.

It is a big year! Oh, did I forget to mention I am tutoring/Directing Challenge A? (gulp!)

I never wanted to be a homeschooler but 7 years into it and I honestly could not have imagined a greater adventure to be on. Thank you Lord!

Classical Homeschooler, Firewife, Food Lover, Wine Lover, Forgiven, Fitness Enthusiast and I love to sleep when I can.

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