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Get up and clock in!

My motto this season of homeschooling is “Get up and Clock in.”

I have never been one to do school work everyday of the week before. If it was to sunny we could skip school and play outside. Rainy days were filled with documentaries and popcorn. My monthly cycle was a great day or week off from everything. Needless to say my kids learned to expect that somehow during the week mom would call off math lessons and writing assignments for something else. Fast forward to week 7 of our 7th year homeschooling and we have a full plate of assignments that can not be forgotten.

My oldest is now in 7th grade and in the Challenge A program with Classical Conversations, and my youngest is in 4th and beginning Essentials. Challenge is thoughtfully named, I am assuming because its a challenge to keep up with the workload, which is not crazy hard, but time consuming. My 4th grader is having to write a paper every week, which actually means “we” are writing a paper every week. There is literally no time off and it’s been a rough transition (for me).

Let’s be real, the transition is hard for me. It is hard to encourage my kids to keep at it when there are days I want to cry and throw a little temper tantrum, “but I don’t want to do it all again today!” My kids have been great! They are chugging along and praise God they keep showing up willing to do it all again today. So, for me then, I have to wake up, get up and clock in. Homeschooling these two is a sacred job and Gods grace will meet me each and every morning.

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