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The Sierra Home Companion is a play on The Prairie Home Companion radio show which included a little bit of everything, so does this blog.

Dancing, Marriage, Bible, Cooking, Mountain Living, Homeschool, Classical Education, Firewife

My name is Rebecca and I homeschool my 2 kiddos, and perhaps that is why you have found me. You can read more about my current homeschooling journey here. We have drunk all the punch Classical Conversations has poured out and could not be happier. I have the unique blessing of being a Practicum Speaker and trainer for CC during the spring and through the summer months. So there is a good chance you might see me in person. 


I am loved by my Fireman of 15 years. Our life together has given me more than enough content. We live on one income, and I have survived 2 babies/toddlers/tantrums and many firsts on a wacky schedule. Someday soon I will include how we survive on one income, in California no less.


My hope is that you will stay because you like what you see. Perhaps like me, you love the Lord and want to find other women like yourself who are happy to be home serving our families and believing that being a mom is worthy of respect. It has taken me years to be comfortable saying I am a mom, and not cringe at whatever response I would get about there being more to life. I love being a mom, teacher, lover, and friend. This is where God has placed me for a time such as this. Welcome fellow sojourner.

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