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Fall and Pace Setting

Some would say fall is their absolute favorite season, because its the season of change, pumpkin spice everything, boots, sweaters, and long nights. I mostly agree with all of those reasons except I have a hard time when the weather gets cold. Coldness hurts my body and my soul. All I want to do is sleep under my electric blanket and eat warm soup. Every day habits seem insurmountable. What was a great schedule, getting up early, working out before everyone woke up, and getting my shower in was super easy when the sun was up and my windows were open. However now that the days are short and the birds are leaving it is very hard to get motivated in the morning.

I recently read an analogy about running and how pace setting correlates with moving through life. She talked about how runners get to a pace where everything feels great! They are moving easy, and all their muscles are happy so they increase their speed, which usually backfires. There bodies get over exerted and they loose time and possibly risk injury. Our life is run by pace setting as well. We can get over excited when everything is clicking, and the whole world seems to be in agreement with your plans so you take on something new. You start a new project, join a book club, and what you have done is leave the pace and like the runner you too can risk injury and loose time.

Fall is not a time for me to get depressed that my pace needs modification nor is it a season to take on a new thing. Fall for me is a time to nest. Read books I already own, cook recipes that have been collecting dust, workout when the sun does come up, and be okay with the quiet.

Classical Homeschooler, Firewife, Food Lover, Wine Lover, Forgiven, Fitness Enthusiast and I love to sleep when I can.

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