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Everyone likes a homeschooling schedule.

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It seems to me that most homeschoolers love to view other homeschool schedules. It’s not because we long to change our own but we long to feel better about the decisions we have made thus far. Therefore I am going to give you our schedule, the messy reality.

Our schedule on most days looks like this.

5:30 am

I wake up by 5:30 am which gives me plenty of time to read my bible and get in one hot cup of coffee before the day begins.   Thanks to my knee injury this has not happened very much in 2.5 months, but it will resume very soon.

6:30 am

 I am showering and getting dressed, makeup and all. I am not even awake yet. Thank you medicine.

7:30 am

rolls around and I am completely ready to wake the kids up. Oh my still sleeping.

8:00 am

 and I have a healthy breakfast waiting for them. Now I am awake. Whew! A lot has changed thanks to surgery. I have coffee and quiet time now.

8:30 am

we meet in the living room for devotions and morning meeting before school starts. My kids wake up around this time. I can’t tell if that is a good thing or not. I am happy so that makes it good.

9:00 am

The kids are working on independent homeschool work while I clean up the morning mess. This is still true.

From there

I work on my blog post for the day, read a few emails, and get my tutor prep started (I tutor a Challenge B class). I am available for questions and keeping the kids on track. All the while the laundry is going and I have thought of what to make for dinner. I am so thankful that my Fireman has been picking up the slack here for the past month. Not to mention I have some awesome friends who have been feeding up dinner almost every night. I will be back at it very soon.

3:00 pm

Everyone should be done with school work by now, but if not you must continue in your room. My Teenager is usually still working on his work up until its time to leave at 5:30 pm.

3-4:30 pm

If we have nowhere to go this would be the time to put school away for the day and pick up any messes we made along the way. Rest, relax and remember you like this.

4:30 pm I Someone needs to start dinner because everyone’s schedule gets busy by 5:30 pm. Kids are off to Karate, AHG, or youth group. What about socialization again??

9:00 pm

Bedtime for kids, but who’s kidding I’m wiped out too. Good night.



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