Essential oils are more than a good smell.

by Rebecca
Essential oils are more than a good smell.

 I have been curious about essentials oils for a long time now. Perhaps I am not the only one.

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At first, I have been skeptical about their benefits. Could this be just a great marketing campaign and it is all just a placebo? I went on a search to find out more about essential oils. Where did they come from? Did they ever work? What good are they to me in the 21st century?

Where did the oils come from?

As far back as man has recorded history it seems the Egyptians were big oil users. They used the oil for perfume and medicinal purposes. The plants along the Nile river were a great resource for their distilleries. However, Egypt was large enough to have most of their oils brought in from neighboring regions. With smells of cypress and cedar.

The Greeks medical doctor Hypocrites used over 300 plants for his practice. But it was the French who really took things to the next level. Giving us the knowledge of essential oils we still use today. Using lavender oil to heal the skin after a burn, and treating Spanish influenza with oils kept the French doctors healthy while treating patients.

Essential oils have been and are still being used today for a massage, aromatherapy, and to treat the common cold. There is a lot of information available to us and sometimes it’s hard to sift through all of it. Well at the Ultimate Bundle they have curated a group of helpful resources that make knowing and using essential oils easier.

Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2018

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Such As:

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  • DIY Natural Bath & Body Products by Carolina King ($10.00)
  • Essential Oil Make & Take Classes: Everything You Need To Know + Printables by Pam Farley ($39.00)
  • Plus 5 more

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  • Cooking with Herbs & Essential Oils by Kristyn Bango ($4.99)
  • Guide to Herbs & Spices by Irena Macri ($9.00)

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Essential Oils     

  • 3-Month Membership to The Essential Oils Club – Inner Circle by Dr. Eric Z ($29.91)
  • Essential Oil Journal by Tonia Lyons ($8.99)
  • Essential Oil Profiles: Aromatherapy Reference Manual for the Everyday Beginner and Beyond by Lea Jacobson ($27.95)
  • Plus 4 more!

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  • Natural Living Green Cleaning by Tracy Robinson (0.99)
  • DIY Holistic Cleaning: Safe and Natural Ways to Clean Your Home and Workplace by Katie Schablon ($10.04)

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  • Backyard Herbs: 10 Herbs to Forage for and How to Use Them by Heather Harris ($7.99)
  • Plus 2 More!

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Natural Remedies  


Category Banner #2Without the headache of trying to figure it out for yourself.

History has shown us that essential oils are an important component in staying healthy. So this holiday season you can give a gift of health or soothing scents.

Happy Holidays!

  • Price: $29.97
  • Value: 34 products worth $567.48
  • Contents: 22 eBooks, 4 ecourses, 6 printable packs, & 2 membership sites

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