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Drowning in self care.

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The caveat to this post: I am talking to Christian women.

Before you get mad at me please know I am all for taking care of yourself within reason, but this overinflated idea that self-care is ever going to save you from the bondage of ___________(insert whatever you feel you are in bondage to) is a lie that only the enemy himself could have come up with.

There are not enough bath salts to cure the guilt of having spent all the money.

There is not enough wine that will undo a day spent on the couch watching reruns.

You cannot meditate long enough to make yourself feel happy you left your husband.

All the gym memberships in the world cannot fix a broken home.

You cannot just pull up your boots or put on your big girl panties to undo sin.

Yes, I called it to sin. You might call it a bad day, but anything less then rejoicing all day is sinful. Wallowing in self-pity because you behaved inappropriately is a sin. Sitting with your girlfriends patting each other on the back for the sin is a sin.

This self-focused trend is getting nauseous. I don’t want to watch moms just making it through the day until they can be done with xyzzy. I am tired of well-meaning women on huge platforms suggesting that if you think happy thoughts you’ll gain prosperity. Or the converse of that is too many bad thoughts makes you sick. We shouldn’t be rushing through our day just to put our feet up. There is no retirement from joyfully serving the Lord.

I have an idea. I propose that we ought to love our neighbor as yourself, which means we need to get out of our self-inflated egos and tend to the person beside us. How can we help our husbands do better at their jobs? How can I encourage my kids to grow in who the Lord is creating them to be? How can I make my house inviting for my neighbor to drop in unexpectedly?

It seems to me if we take more time investing in the lives of those right around us we would “feel” better, we would spend less money on junk, we would find ways to cherish our spouse, and our kids would feel encouraged. Our self-needs to come under the authority and headship of Jesus and His word in order to be free. Anything less then Jesus is a broken cistern, which will dry up, and leave you thirsty for more “me-time.”

I will be continuing this post over the next few weeks with topics such as

Finding ways to cherish your spouse.
Encouraging your kids.
Having the confidence to open your front door.
Being at peace without leaving your work.

So please stay with me as I flush these ideas out, which in reality, is me preaching to myself.

Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.

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