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Counting my blessings.

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What is working in my life today?

Over the summer I started taking tennis lessons with a few of my girl friends, and as of today we still take one lesson a week and we’ve managed to make time for another hour of play outside of the lesson. It has been so much fun learning a new sport, and the laughter has been medicine to my soul.

Our home school this year has been the most productive year so far. We have come along way from meltdowns that would last all day, and bad attitudes to kids who do their work without much complaint. After 6 years of relationship building and trust growing I believe we are finally able to get through some serious academics. Thank you Jesus!

I discovered a new workout this summer through Periscope, Dancebody, they offer streaming for those of us who can never get to their studio in New York. It’s an intense workout that makes me happy. I actually wake up excited to get moving. Only after coffee and wake up as usual.

My local church been in an 8 week read through the New Testament together, and once a week in our small groups we go over what was interesting or hard regarding the reading. I have loved reading through the New Testament and have enjoyed the discussions it has brought out about Paul and isn’t it wonderful to just read and not necessarily be seeking any self gratification but just to know more about Jesus.

Within my small group I’ve been asking for prayer regarding how I can handle stress better. It seems when I am stressed I can go from 0-60 and crazy in seconds and it’s not a great way to live. I’ve taken on the projects I have because I believe them to be valuable, but feeling like I am always behind is horrible. For the past few weeks I’ve had women praying for me and I have to say my ability to plan so I don’t stress out has been going well. Plan and schedule is a big part of a peaceful life. Who knew?

Our baby girl turned 9 this week. I can’t say I feel like “time is flying by” but time sure does make the shoes bigger. There are many blessings of home school but having my little girl still be a little girl who loves My Little Ponys and Build a Bear is priceless. I pray she remains innocent and young for as long as God will’s it to be so.

In a time with so much negativity it takes work to see the blessings, but I try to keep counting them.


Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.

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