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  • Kathleen Thomas


    I just had a quick question about your website. Please email me when you have a chance!


  • Barb

    Hi Rebecca. Admittedly, Ch. 2’s Bible lessons are a bit more abstract than the house on the rock/sand story in Ch. 1. I try to use as many visuals as possible. Like today, when we read in Revelation about the city, I made sure to have pictures of the various stones described in the passage. I’ve tried to put such links on my blog under the label “Resources,” but yes, the options are scant for Ch. 2. Don’t stress it too much. Just give him little “hooks” of information on which to add info later. Have him draw, use pictures of foundations, pillars, cornerstones, etc. Most of all, just enjoy the time. There will be some lessons that will be more difficult to illustrate.

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