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Cleaning up my diet.

Its been 13 years plus 9 months that I have been overweight and struggling.

Over the years I have tried, Beachbody, Shakeology, Weight Watchers, Keto, Whole30, starving, and lately its been the “grace” diet. Oh you have never heard of the “grace” diet? I am sure you have. You know as New Testament Christians, we know a thing or two about Grace, and wether we admit it or not we like to use it as an excuse for not giving ourselves boundaries. Paul did say everything is permissible within reason (I don’t know the address off hand).

Therefore I have been living without boundaries. Completely free to eat and drink what I like when I want it, which as you can imagine has its side affects. Some of the most notable side affects have been a slow increase every year on my scale, tired, joint pain, uncomfortableness in my clothes, workouts are less effective, and an overall yuck feeling.

Hey! I thought by eating what I want and throwing out the towel to boundaries was somehow going to make me forget I have a health problem and instead I found myself skipping through the tall grass of denial.

I don’t want another plan or quick fix. What I want is live my best life eating what makes me the most productive I can be. I know from experience that clean eating is the best way to describe what my body wants. Whole foods, healthy fats, lean meat and a lot of water.

Today I started with a smoothie made with Green super food, 2 raw (fresh from my moms house) eggs, half a banana, 6oz pineapple juice and blend. It was delicious! But the truth of the matter is breakfast has never been an issue for me. I can’t say the extra weight has come from my morning meal. My challenge will be snacking and dinner. With DINNER in capital letters. I love munching on refined carbs, chasing it with a beautiful red wine, and then eating all of dinner.

Heres to today and beginning to construct some very necessary boundaries that will keep my diet from going off the rails.


Classical Homeschooler, Firewife, Food Lover, Wine Lover, Forgiven, Fitness Enthusiast and I love to sleep when I can.

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