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Christmas Gifts for the Teenage Boy.

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Teenager Christmas gifts


This hard and expensive demographic is living under my roof. Maybe you have one too, or you know one, and now you have to buy him a gift. What would be reasonable without breaking the bank?

I’ve inquired of my son, who is 13, and here is his list.

A new backpack for his one day at community day.

All Xbox fun!

Yes, we are a homeschooling family, and I have conceded that video games are not directly connected to the devil. Some of you just laughed and some shuck their fist claiming that I am daming him. The Xbox came into our house after a lot of consideration and extensive talking. We use it as a reward for finished school work and strictly monitor his time. The game console sits in the main house and is connected to our only tv, which means I see all he does and hear everything he says to his friends.

It is not a perfect solution, as I would like gaming to end completely, however, I can’t deny the fun he has with friends I know personally and like.

Xbox makes a mouse and keyboard adaptor for his game console.

Call of Duty 4

Xbox Gift Card

More technology

iPhone stand.

Headset stand.

Lifeproof case

The items that will break the bank

Apple Laptop. At least he is specific.

New Mattress. Which he wanted to add is very needed. We shall see.

Gaming Chair.

Monitor for Xbox

Actually come to think about it is all expensive.

I usually subscribe to the gift philosophy of buying one he needs, wants, wears and reads. That way I can look forward to getting him that one thing he’s been drooling over and something I really think he needs anyway. Like, socks, and the like.

As for stocking stuffers, I usually end up picking up smaller yet useful items. Toothbrush, clever socks, gift cards, specialty candy and maybe a paperback book (that he’ll never read).

Homeschoolers are notorious for book buying and I am no exception to that stereotype.

I am so excited to share with you a new partnership I have made with a company who sends monthly boxes of books to the age groups 0-3, 4-7 and a mixed box for ages 0-7.


Discover books your little ones will love, delivered to your doorstep each month.
Every box will save you up to 50% off retail prices!

Obviously, this is less for the older than 7-year-olds in your house but most of us have younger kids. This would be a great gift for the whole family this year.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

teenager gifts

If you have great suggestions for this age please leave a comment so we can all see.


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