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    Fresh eggs opened my eyes.

    Many of you have read my post about becoming a reluctant Vegan for health reasons, and here is the post to say why that decision will never work.

    There are so many decision to make in a day from

    • what time to get up,
    • to shower or not,
    • what to eat,
    • one cup or two
    • cereal or eggs
    • kids TV or not

    and the list can go on and on. As a reluctant vegan, one big decision I needed to consider was between farm fresh eggs in the morning and tofu. The question plaguing my was, “what is wrong with farm fresh eggs anyway!?”

    You see, my parents, have free range happy chickens and we get fresh eggs during the spring and summer. I’ve been cracking fresh eggs for my kids for months and drooling as I did it. These eggs are beautiful and I wanted to eat them, so I went on a mission to discover why eggs were bad.

    Truth be told eggs are bad for you, the ones that come from chickens sitting in their own filth and unable to move are bad. Go figure!! You are what you eat, as my grandma has said before. However the chicken eggs from my parents have numerous health benefits, which you can see for yourself here.

    I didn’t want to stop at just eggs I wanted to see what was wrong with everything else that didn’t seem to add up. How could processed food trump the real deal? What were my grandparents eating? The diet the American people have has never been done before in human history and so far it is killing us.


    • If you want to eat animals loaded with antibiotics then perhaps you too will need antibiotics to fix whatever they gave you.
    • Low fat means they have put something else in it, and it came out of a factory.
    • GMO is an acronym you MUST educate yourself on. You would never want your kids drinking Deet.
    Kelli over at Groom and Style has written a comprehensive guide on the benefits of grass fed products.

    The Benefits of Grass Fed Products

    She breaks down the mystery behind the term “grass fed” and shares info graphics (like the one below) that make it easier to appreciate the importance of “happy animals” and a healthy body.

    I know for myself I feel better about eating humanly raised animals and my body is stronger for the rich protein and healthy fat from my parents chickens. 

    2013-01-19 11.34.55



    Here at our house we have been getting 100% grass fed beef from Butcher box, and right now you can get FREE bacon for LIFE! (This is an affiliate link, and I thank you)

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    My life has been cruising along this summer. Our Classical Conversations campus has doubled in size our new American Heritage Girls troop is starting with over 20 girls (which is amazing), and I was beginning to organize our school year when a giant speed bump flew me off course.
    The house that we are currently in, the house across from my parents, where my garden grows, the grass is big and my kids can run free range is on the short sale list. I know it’s only a house and it was never mine to begin with but I feel cheated. I can’t imagine something better or somewhere my heart has had such peace. We can’t buy it therefore there is nothing I can do but pack up and move.
    I keep telling myself everything I know to be true. God is faithful ALWAYS, God’s plans are not mine and more often then not they are ALWAYS better, God owns this house and if He wanted me to stay He would provide a way. This has become my mantra in my head until my heart can believe it and when I get still and when I look out my window knowing I wont be seeing my garden, my parents chickens, and the green grass from this spot.
    It all seems so ridiculous when I don’t feel sad. I am not sick, my family is beautiful, my husband is still employed and all that I love will go on. I hate moving!!! I hate hearing my kids try to make sense of this and listening to Joshua’s prayers. They are at an age where they too have an opinion and memories and moving just seems hard on them too.
    Hugh!!! I have no time for this. School is starting, soccer is here, scouting will begin, and I can’t think of a worse time to pack and move. Oh well right?? There are much worse things in this world and I NEED to focus on the only constant, Jesus.
    How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

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    Sierra Living


    After living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for the majority of my life I have come to learn that life here in the Sierra’s has its own almanac, and year after year it rarely changes that much.


    is usually dry, cold mornings and warm afternoons. January weather gets you excited for spring way to early.


    it snows a lot.


    it keeps snowing.


    the sun comes out, but there is snow on the ground. The buds start appearing on the trees towards the end of April. You may want to plant something outside but it usually dies.

    I need to interject an absolute truth about the Sierra’s and that is; snow must fall on a blooming Dogwood for it to be our last snow fall of the year.


    it begins to get warmer, the days get longer and all you want is the buds on every tree to open. The birds come back along with the frogs, crickets and the painfully annoying mosquito.

    In May the garden is looking so inviting but you should not plant anything delicate before our annual county fair is over (which happens to be this weekend). So your starters need to stay inside because there will be a storm during that week and the little plants might get to damaged.


    brings hot weather and everyone is asking themselves where did Spring go?


    is hot and if we are lucky we get a thunderstorm during a camping trip.


    the summer produce is in full swing, the pools, lakes and rivers are packed and if you live here you begin to yearn for a quieter store and closer parking (we only have one market in a town of 4000 off season and 7000 on season).


    is still hot but we have to start looking at our school calendar. For those of us who home-school we like to go camping this time of year because its a lot less crowded.


    brings the change of colors and a lot of raking. By the beginning of October our 1 room school house has a rhythm to our day.


    has shorter days and early bed times. With Thanksgiving around the corner you begin wondering when the snow will begin to fall.


    is always busy with the holiday. We take the whole month off just to focus on the season and make time to love people well. The weather is always a little tricky in December, and that is something you can count on. It may snow for Christmas and it may stay dry.

    I have lived up here for 20+ years and right now I am waiting to plant my starters in the ground and have weeks of just sunshine.

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