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    Six ways to add fitness to your day.

    I know what your going to say, “I don’t have time to workout!” “where do I start?” “I don’t like getting sweaty!” I completely get all of these excuses, but here are a five six ways to get moving more and doing something healthy for yourself and your family.

    1. Be accountable to someone. Last fall I bought a Fitbit so I could play along in the challenges my friends were doing. Every week my friends and I participate in a “work week hustle” on the Fitbit app which keeps me accountable to a whole group of people who can see how much or how little I’m moving. Now you don’t have to go out and buy anything, you could join an online group that is just for accountability, or you can start one yourself. Being accountable to someone other then yourself or your husband can be very motivating.
    2. There is no right time to workout. There are seasons in a moms life and those seasons dictate free time. I have tried every time and came to the conclusions that I hate morning workouts, and after lunch is to late in the day, therefore I had to come up with a system to fit in my workout and homeschooling. The best time of day for me is between 8-9am so I schedule my kids some independent work during that time and some days they do it without complaining and some days they are cleaning their rooms quietly until I’m done. Does this happen every day? No, but I try to get 3000 steps in doing one workout.
    3. Get your kids involved. Some days I can’t get a workout done alone so we lace up our shoes and head outside for a walk. Now the dog loves this and occasionally I get complainants from the kids but rarely so it is a win for me and my steps.
    4. Free classes. Who doesn’t like free? I have found some great classes on YouTube for free. BeFit is a channel that hosts all ranges of videos from Jillian Michales shred to ballet classes. When I need a kick start I’ll go there and just do something that looks fun.
    5. Just do it! Nike definitely has the corner on that truth, but it needs to be said more often. Just get moving. Moving more develops stronger bodies and stronger bodies are more confident. Bathing suit season is approaching and your kids need you to be in the water with them playing, and the fastest way to feeling better in a bathing suit is becoming a stronger person.
    6. Find something you love doing and do it! Even if your old, tired, etc…do that one activity you have been wanting to try or retry. For me this has been dancing. I have never taken an official dance class with pink tights and a black liatard because it was never an option. Thanks to social media and the ability to stream workouts I can dance without pink tights (because no one needs to see that) like no one is watching. I am addicted to Dancebody, which is a dance class online or if you live in New York they are there in person. Try them out for 3 days free (code is on their site), you will be so thankful you did.

    Now that you have Five Six ways to fit fitness into your life I hope that this weekend while your planning you will plan sometime to move more. And if you have tried and failed then try again. Change the time, change the workout, change who you are with, and get accountable to someone. Look forward to the process and less about the destination. Its in the process that we grow.

    Leave me a comment and tell me what you’ll do this next week to move more.

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    Fall and Pace Setting

    Some would say fall is their absolute favorite season, because its the season of change, pumpkin spice everything, boots, sweaters, and long nights. I mostly agree with all of those reasons except I have a hard time when the weather gets cold. Coldness hurts my body and my soul. All I want to do is sleep under my electric blanket and eat warm soup. Every day habits seem insurmountable. What was a great schedule, getting up early, working out before everyone woke up, and getting my shower in was super easy when the sun was up and my windows were open. However now that the days are short and the birds are leaving it is very hard to get motivated in the morning.

    I recently read an analogy about running and how pace setting correlates with moving through life. She talked about how runners get to a pace where everything feels great! They are moving easy, and all their muscles are happy so they increase their speed, which usually backfires. There bodies get over exerted and they loose time and possibly risk injury. Our life is run by pace setting as well. We can get over excited when everything is clicking, and the whole world seems to be in agreement with your plans so you take on something new. You start a new project, join a book club, and what you have done is leave the pace and like the runner you too can risk injury and loose time.

    Fall is not a time for me to get depressed that my pace needs modification nor is it a season to take on a new thing. Fall for me is a time to nest. Read books I already own, cook recipes that have been collecting dust, workout when the sun does come up, and be okay with the quiet.

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    Get up and clock in!

    My motto this season of homeschooling is “Get up and Clock in.”

    I have never been one to do school work everyday of the week before. If it was to sunny we could skip school and play outside. Rainy days were filled with documentaries and popcorn. My monthly cycle was a great day or week off from everything. Needless to say my kids learned to expect that somehow during the week mom would call off math lessons and writing assignments for something else. Fast forward to week 7 of our 7th year homeschooling and we have a full plate of assignments that can not be forgotten.

    My oldest is now in 7th grade and in the Challenge A program with Classical Conversations, and my youngest is in 4th and beginning Essentials. Challenge is thoughtfully named, I am assuming because its a challenge to keep up with the workload, which is not crazy hard, but time consuming. My 4th grader is having to write a paper every week, which actually means “we” are writing a paper every week. There is literally no time off and it’s been a rough transition (for me).

    Let’s be real, the transition is hard for me. It is hard to encourage my kids to keep at it when there are days I want to cry and throw a little temper tantrum, “but I don’t want to do it all again today!” My kids have been great! They are chugging along and praise God they keep showing up willing to do it all again today. So, for me then, I have to wake up, get up and clock in. Homeschooling these two is a sacred job and Gods grace will meet me each and every morning.

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    What to do this week? Cycle 1 Week 17

    Hi CC Mommas,

    I was thinking about you this morning and I wanted to give you some ideas for week 17 and any other week. In our house CC is our main curriculum, so what does that mean? I set apart 30 minutes every school day for Classical Conversations. Here is what that looks like.

    Tuesday morning comes and I write the new grammar on my white board just like the tutor did in class on Monday. Not only is that helpful to your students but it helps you learn the material as well. Next we go through the board just like community day, which is why it is critical that you are following along for that 30 minutes. If you forgot a song, or hand motions chances are good you can find these on Pinterest searching under “Cycle 1 Week ___” or if you have CC Connected it is most definently there.

    For the girls class I did “Father Abraham” song for the geography, and everything else was chanted, marched, or said in a weird voice. The latin song and history song is located on the CD or the app. The timeline hand motions can be found at the Classical Conversations website.

    So that is Tuesday, and only 30 minutes.

    On Wednesday within that 30 minutes we focus on two pieces of the memory work. History and Science. I have copy work pages for them to copy down the history sentence and science sentence. We read Story of The World that corresponds with the history and read different books regarding the science. I use the reading book list from Half a Hundred Acre Wood and I’m sure the library would be a great field trip each week to collect reading material for the new grammar.

    Thursday is similar to Wednesday but we do the other smaller pieces of review and copy those. We might draw the thumbnails of the timeline, which my kids love doing. If time allows I will attempt the art project again as well.

    Friday is game day and we review 6 weeks worth of grammar while playing a game. Rockets is an easy review game for a few kids or one to play, there is a lego game mat that works great at home, and any game board will work to draw a card you must answer a review question.

    There you have our week in CC. I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed and as parents we forget to keep it simple because we are ready for our kids to ask engaging questions or want to know more, but that is not the stage most of our kids are in. Foundation kids are at the stage of singing, chanting, playing, and making a mess. Just give yourself 30 minutes each day this week and make CC just as important as math and language arts.

    Have a great week parents!

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    Big Happy Planner could be practical and enjoyable.

    I am obsessed with looking at how people are journaling their days away. From adult coloring books, doodle Bibles and now planners that are more artistic then practical. Let me show you what I mean.





    These are specifically from Create 365 The Happy Planner, and yes I have ordered my very own. Admittedly I feel like this could be something that looks great and ends up in a pile somewhere where I wont feel guilty looking at it. Scrapbooking was/is a similar project. I love scrapbooks and marvel at the people who make them, but I never found the time or the space to keep it up. Perhaps in a new season of life I will find decorating my to-do’s as satisfying as completing the work.

    The order should arrive by the 20th so I will keep you posted of the process.

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