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    Big Happy Planner could be practical and enjoyable.

    I am obsessed with looking at how people are journaling their days away. From adult coloring books, doodle Bibles and now planners that are more artistic then practical. Let me show you what I mean.





    These are specifically from Create 365 The Happy Planner, and yes I have ordered my very own. Admittedly I feel like this could be something that looks great and ends up in a pile somewhere where I wont feel guilty looking at it. Scrapbooking was/is a similar project. I love scrapbooks and marvel at the people who make them, but I never found the time or the space to keep it up. Perhaps in a new season of life I will find decorating my to-do’s as satisfying as completing the work.

    The order should arrive by the 20th so I will keep you posted of the process.

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    Our 1st Valentines Party.

    I know this post is ridiculously late but I recently uploaded my pictures off of my phone and I had to share our first Valentines party with you.

    One of my friends and fellow CC moms invited us (along with 14 other kids and their moms) to her house for an afternoon of fun.

    Because this was our first Valentines party, where there would be Valentines exchanged, I allowed the kids to each pick a box of cards that they would like to give away. They loved picking out the box, and writing their friends names on each card. I could not believe how focused they worked on 16 cards.

    J's Valentines 2013-02-12 16.33.57

    At the party we were greeted with a very festive house.

    2013-02-14 15.10.41 2013-02-14 15.10.47

    2013-02-14 15.13.04 2013-02-14 15.13.19

    The art project for the kids was to make a mailbox to hold all the Valentines they would receive. I helped out with J’s and Fireman helped with L’s.

    2013-02-14 14.56.18 2013-02-14 14.56.32

    2013-02-14 14.56.58 2013-02-14 14.59.19

    2013-02-14 14.59.37

    After they made the mailboxes we hung them up on the deck rail outside and let them give away their Valentines.

    2013-02-14 15.35.44-1

    We did a scavenger hunt that I was in charge of, but I was so busy saying “hot! warm! and cold!” I forgot to take pictures.

    At the end of the day we did manage to get everyone together for a group picture that will memorialize a great first Valentines.

    2013-02-15 13.24.03

    I hope you all had a great Valentines day however you celebrated it.


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    Craft Day

    Fridays are my day to work in my son’s preschool class, and this Friday was craft day. I’m very impressed with myself in creating the craft out of grocery store shopping bags, cheep paper plates, and crayons.

    This is the before picture
    This is the before picture
    This is the after. Fall Wreath.
    This is the after. Fall Wreath.

    I made 10 of these and there were only 8 kids in class today out of 15 and of those 8 only 5 people participated. I am very proud of this project and I’m glad those kids who did it will have a nice piece of art to hang up during the fall season.

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