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Broken Cisterns or Living Water

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Broken cistern or living water

Broken cisterns or living water, you will know the difference by your attitude.

If you follow me on my other channels, Instagram specifically, you might believe that I am against self-care.

To clarify, I am not against doing something that makes you feel better about life. What I am against is the appearance of doing self-care instead of doing the “thing” you have been called to do. As mothers, homemakers, and homeschoolers our jobs are tiresome. Having ourselves pulled in many different directions all day would make any normal person need a break. But the question you need to ask yourself as you take that break is, am I hiding from the task?

Hiding from the job God has called you to do is not going to refresh your spirit.

Have you ever sat down, just for a minute and scrolled through your feed on the phone? How did that activity leave you feeling? Most likely you did not learn anything that would help you continue your day. It left you feeling more tired, and more inadequate for the task at hand.

How about putting the kids to bed early and instead of doing the dishes, straightening the couch cushions, or moving laundry along, you sat down to binge watch a tv show? Did you feel refreshed in the morning? I am asking because I do this junk so I know what the procrastination looks like and how I feel after. No one likes to wake up to dishes in the sink from yesterday or blankets left unfolded on the couch. The activity you or I thought was going to be healthy for our self-turned out to be a broken cistern. There was no living water to fill up an empty tank.

What about leaving the house for a day to go shopping, getting your nails and hair done all by yourself? Yet when you come home your guilty because of how much you spent and still tired because the house is still a mess and the kids didn’t finish their work as they should have.

I suspect that I am not the only one drinking from broken cistern’s hoping to be refreshed enough to continue the task in front of me. And just because everyone does it, does not make it ok.

Is there another way? I believe there is, and it is incredibly unpopular. As a Christian, we know that by the power of the Holy Spirit we can be content in all things. We can get off the crazy cycle of self-care and return to finish our task with a joy-filled attitude. Once the job is done go ahead and put up your feet, wash your hair, drink hot coffee, and whatever else you’ve been wanting to do. Just don’t do those things instead of doing the “thing” you know needs to be done.

Our attitude towards ourselves and our family is a good gauge to decipher if you have been drinking from a broken cistern or living water.

One of the many ways I find myself cutting corners is “what’s for dinner?” I loathe that question when I am not prepared. When I know I should have made a meal plan, gone grocery shopping, and do the thing. Meal planning does not come naturally to me so I have outsourced this job to eMeals. For a low monthly fee, I can have a meal plan delivered to my inbox, and with a grocery list attached.

Easy, Healthy Meal Plans

Paying someone else to meal plan for me has improved my attitude when it comes to dinnertime. I feel like I can bless my family in this way and it’s not a job I am trying to run away from.

I believe outsourcing help can be very life-giving.

Uniquely set apart for this season of my life as a fire-wife, homeschooling mom, and Christian women my writing is a reflection of all that makes me, me.

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