Mom, homeschooler, firewife, that’s me!

by Rebecca
Mom, homeschooler, firewife, that’s me!

Me and my family.

I (Rebecca) am happily married to my soul mate, whom I refer to as my Fireman.  I have two beautiful, busy children that I am raising to be God centered, healthy, and classically educated. My son was diagnosed with PPD-NOS this past summer, which has changed how we raise him, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be given a new set of “rules.” Personally I have the privilege of Directing our Classical Conversations campus, and Leading my daughters American Heritage Girls troop.

Because of our children, God has given me a direction and a fulfilling life. I have been given what I was always looking for, a mission field. Not is some distant land, but right here within these walls. I like so many mothers before me have on loan God’s arrows, and it is my mission to “train them in the way they should go” without growing weary of doing good.

Being married to a Fireman has always been an interesting defining lifestyle in our house. I have learned early on in our marriage that there is one calendar and that is the “shift schedule.” The shift schedule does not play favorites and does not care who’s birthday it is again this year. If it can be celebrated the fireman will be working, and after 12 years I am completely ok with that. Our kids know shifts in 48 hours gone, 96hrs home, and we live almost like everyone else. I’ve had power outages that have lasted days alone, snow covered driveways without a working snow machine, children needing stitches alone, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, sick days, and evacuations alone. I can’t begin to say how much respect I have for single mamas and that there must be a special place for you in heaven for all the work and heart ache you endure alone. My fireman comes home after a few days anyway.

In the past few years sense this blog has begun I have completed five years of homeschooling my son and three years with my daughter. As a family we have chosen to use Classical Conversations as our main curriculum, and we supplement that with an age appropriate language arts program, and Saxon math. I have become a Practicum Speaker and trainer for three years now with CC and have found the stage a very comfortable place. Perhaps it is my introverted nature that just needs someone to please listen to me, or the attention is finally placed on me when I have so much I want to say, whatever the reason I have enjoyed speaking in front of hundreds of homeschooling families in a few years time.

Recently you can find me lurking on Periscope, and as of this update I have successfully completed two broadcasts. I can’t begin to tell you how nerve racking it is to talk to your phone with complete strangers on the other end. Time will tell if I improve, but I will keep trying.

Our home is like this blog, a place to grow (knowledge, gardens, pantry’s, and friends), a place to educate and be educated, and a place of becoming holy (not necessarily happy). I know this is uphill and against mainstream, but I’m a Christian, and its what we do.

If this is your first visit here, welcome. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and stay awhile.




Kaedence July 19, 2016 - 10:29 am

Hi there Rebecca! If you would like to collaborate with us to promote the region and your blog I’d love to collaborate 🙂 ! You can email me at or give our office a call at 1-800-225-3764, just ask for Kaedence.

Wendy February 27, 2010 - 4:05 am

You make me proud beck!!
it is exciting to see you following Gods plans for you and your family.
I am encouraged to see God at work in your life, so alive and active.
Remember you are not alone.

The Lord tells us..” I know the plans I have for you, to prosper and not harm…”

Nana November 7, 2009 - 6:05 pm

Rebecca, this is beautiful. I see a really great book in your future.
Love, nana


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